Funded 30 hours for 3/4 years & Funded 15 hours for 2 years

About Smiles Day Nurseries In Sapcote And Hinckley Parks Pre-School

Smiles offers a range of childcare options to families in Leicester, including before and after school clubs, a preschool and a Curiosity Approach-based nursery.  We care for children from 0 to 5 years old and 4 - 11 years old, and provide a range of age-appropriate resources and activities to encourage their development right up until they are ready to join school!

Who We Are

Smiles was established in 2006 with a goal to supply quality Ofsted registered, reliable, and convenient yet affordable childcare throughout Leicestershire. We have since grown and now look after approximately 500 children everyday! Smiles consists of a Day Nursery, Pre school and 4 before and after school clubs, all providing exceptional care to our children.  We pride ourselves on maintaining the same personal touch and quality of service as Kelly did when she opened her first club at Manorfield Primary School.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on learning, creativity and curiosity. We believe that every child is a natural-born explorer and is capable of constructing their own understanding of the world around them through hands-on experiences, creative expressions and meaningful interactions. 

We have fostered an environment rich in open-ended resources, where children are encouraged to question, investigate and explore their interests. By blending this natural indoor classroom and a home-away-from-home environment, we have created an empowering space where children feel ready to learn!


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About Our Sapcote Location

When you visit us here at Smiles, you’ll see firsthand what makes us different! 

Our setting includes:

  • Mini Bus for children to embark on exciting weekly trips.

  • Communal Dining Area where friendships are formed and nurtured over meals.

  • Healthy and nutritious home-cooked meals.

  • Outside Agencies - such as sports, drama, French/Spanish, and baby signs to facilitate holistic development.

  • Our own Allotment where we grow and taste our fruits and vegetables.

  • A Beautiful Garden Room with an Astroturf and plenty of space to run and play.

  • A Sensory Area where children can explore different textures, colours, interactive elements and ignite their imagination.

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Explorers and Discoverers

3 - 20 months

In this multi-age room, we offer a diverse range of experiences and facilitate extensive learning opportunities for our children. Our open-plan design enables children easy access to age-appropriate toys and resources, placed at their level to empower them to choose and explore independently. This encourages the development of confidence and independence as they navigate the room, from moving at floor level to pulling up around the furniture to taking their steps. 

We create various engaging messy play activities based on the children’s interest, such as imaginative scenarios like dinosaur lands, farmyards, and digger worlds as well as utilising materials like cereal, flour and jelly. 

As well as group activities, we tailor our approach to meet each child’s individual needs and interests. Throughout the variety of activities we provide, we focus on nurturing physical, creative, emotional, and social development. Furthermore, we support communication and language development through the use of regular baby signs, singing, and continuous one-to-one or small group interactions with a maximum ratio of 1:3.


20 months - 2 years + 4 Months

In our Adventurers room, children enjoy getting outdoors and exploring nature and wildlife. To align with their interests, we seamlessly integrate the wonders of the outdoors into our indoor play experiences, offering a variety of messy play activities and visits in our garden room. 

We emphasise the development of essential skills, such as co-operative turn-taking, building confidence, and fostering positive friendships. The children constantly show great enthusiasm and always provide us with the best infectious giggles and cuddles.

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2 years + 4 months - 3 years

Even though this is one of our smaller rooms, our ideas are grand and imaginative! We have weekly themes tailored to the children’s interests and there is never a dull moment. One week we can go on a safari hunt with our selfmade, personalised binoculars (looking for lions and tigers!) and the next we are making superhero shields to help save the day! 

We continue to foster communication development by incorporating baby sign language (using the BSL), in their everyday communication. This approach has proven highly effective in enhancing children’s social communication and interaction skills. This helps everyone learn and understand that every child/person learns or communicates in the same way.


3 years +

Located on the upper floor of our nursery, our Inventors room features dedicated free-flow spaces filled with resources carefully designed to develop all the required skills for a smooth transition to school. 

This focus continues to be learning through play, building on social and communication skills using games, songs, stories and creative messy play. The children are enhancing their independence by carrying out more tasks independently such as using the toilet, washing hands, recognising their name, dressing independently and making choices - both in the moment and by learning from the consequences of those choices. 

All of our rooms have a great relationship with our local surroundings such as shops and the park but our Inventors have a regular visit to our local residential home where they have built relationships with the residents and take part in group activities with them such as arts and crafts and singing games.

We love themed days in the Inventors room, any excuse to learn something new, dress up and be silly!


2 years - 4 years

Our Seedlings are our Pre-School room over at our Hinckley Parks site. Our seedlings mix together in an open plan setting with a free flow to a large outside play area. Children have the opportunity to explore and discover their surroundings and staff encourage their curiosity by providing open ended resources that prompt investigation and questions so learning through play is part of a daily routine.

Seedlings at Hinckley Parks is based within Hinckley Parks Primary school grounds allowing us to have a unique relationship with the school, children are often invited into the school to watch school productions or visit foundation classrooms we also invite some of the older children over to the Pre School setting to practice their reading with the children, this makes transition into school much easier when it is their turn to move on to their next adventures of school life.

All Rooms…

In all of our rooms children take part in celebrations of all kinds, different festivals, cultures and celebrations are learnt about. Each room provides a quiet cosy area, a role play area, creative stations and construction areas and are openly designed so children can freely explore and make their own choices. Each area is cleverly designed by the staff each day to provide the children with all the learning opportunities required for them to make their next steps in their development.

Transition from room to room is made seamless by allowing children to spend time in other communal areas of the nursery in mixed groups such as the dining room, our garden room and our sensory room as well as trips around the village together. This gives siblings a nice opportunity to play together, children meet up with friends who may have moved into another room and children become familiar with staff from other rooms.

Merging Teaching and Childcare

We believe that it’s never too early to start learning and that it’s vital to always present opportunities for children to learn and grow as soon as they start at our setting. 

By developing our programs with curriculum experts and childcare specialists, we’ve been able to hone in on what makes early education a success and created a learning program that allows our children to enter school seamlessly.

We also offer before and after-school care for children aged 4 to 11.

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12 Rugby House, Hinckley Rd, Sapcote, Leicester, LE9 4FS

12 Rugby House, Hinckley Rd,
Sapcote, Leicester, LE9 4FS

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